We specialize in buttercream cakes, especially floral and succulent buttercream designs. 

Based in Orange County, California. The name Sweet Songbird Bakery was inspired by one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs called "Songbird" and for my love of singing. 

Most of my design inspiration comes from nature and my favorite works of art. It's true - I've been inspired to whip up some fun flavor combinations and designs from the thoughts that run through my mind when I sleep.

I also have this dream of creating a storefront one day, but for now, follow along on this sweet, sweet journey of mine!



Hello Friends!!


My name is Tiffany, the baker and owner behind Sweet Songbird Bakery. It would be amazing if I said that I remember the very first thing I ever baked, but I don't... Although, what I do remember is always running home after school just to watch whatever is on Food Network (if I wasn't watching Gilmore Girls.)


Another thing I have always remembered, is my love for baking. There's just something so magical about mixing different ingredients together, tasting that batter and seeing your creations rise in front of your eyes! So in June 2018, I decided to finally pursue this passion of mine.


With sugar and love,


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