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My Must-Have Tools For Baking & Decorating

Updated: Jun 6, 2019



Welcome to the first post of Sweet Songbird Bakery!

Ever since I first posted a picture of my sunflower cupcakes on Instagram back in June, it has been a whirlwind of non-stop baking, posting, working on the website, and researching on how to build a business.

Honestly, I've been so exhausted, but also so full of excitement on what's to come! I have big dreams for Sweet Songbird Bakery and even bigger news coming early next month! Any guesses as to what it is??

I would just love to share with you all what my essential baking and decorating tools are...some I really cannot do without, and some just make life so much easier!

In no particular order, and apart from the baking tins and measuring tools, of course:

  1. turntable - probably the most important item to have when frosting a cake, especially round cakes

  2. parchment/wax paper - for lining the bottom of baking tins for easy removal & parchment squares to pipe my floral/succulent designs on

  3. No. 7 flower nail - definitely a really important tool to have when piping those floral/succulent designs

  4. pastry bags, couplers, and piping tips - three's a company! I'm cheating here, but you really can't have one without the other two...

  5. offset spatula/palette knife - makes frosting a cake sooo much easier

  6. silicone spatula - makes for folding delicate meringues much easier and for scraping all of the delicious batter out.

  7. bench scraper - I have a tendency not use it for its actual purpose, but for scraping the sides of my cakes smooth. I find that the handle on a bench scraper makes for a better grip than those without one. PLUS mine doubles as a ruler! #winning

  8. flour sifter - two words: lump-free bakes

  9. ice cream scoopers with lever - they just make for easy and proportionate cupcake batters and cookies.

  10. silicone mats - they're non-stick...they're simply amazing for baking macarons and cookies. I also use mine to create my fondant work, which I'm not really sure if that's the right to do, but I honestly don't see why not..

  11. wire racks - essential for the cooling process of all my bakes

  12. rolling pins - for flat and even dough and fondant

  13. cake boards - not only are they pretty (my favorites are gold & silver cake boards), but they make lifting finished creations much easier... and nobody wants to accidentally drop or destroy those...(which is a HUGE fear of mine)

  14. squeeze bottles - for drips cakes, of course!

  15. mixer - this has to be the most important (my favorite is the KitchenAid Mixer, hands down, including the whisk and paddle attachments)

I hope these tips are helpful if you are wanting to start baking, or even if you have already been baking for years and want to refine your skills.

I would love and really appreciate to hear your thoughts on either this post or anything regarding the website!

With love,


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